What Happened to the Pigeons?

On my way to the bakery this afternoon, I saw a lot of pigeons perked on the power line wires.  I had never seen pigeons closely perched side by side before and I wondered what was going on.

I should have taken a quick shot… but I thought I should go quickly to the bakery and come back.  Bad move.  When I came back, most of the pigeons perched on the power line wires were gone.  Only a few left.

What happened to the pigeons?

What da heck happened?  Where did they go?

I found out that the pigeons were waiting for dinner.  A guy comes everyday at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and feeds the birds.  He said at first there were only four pigeons.  But they must have told a friend and the friend told its family and friends and now there are so many of them.

Guess what that guy had in the brown paper bag?

Did Someone Say FREEZE?

Raccoon in Toronto, photo by mzrosie

Toronto has long been known as the “raccoon capital of the world.”  But I’ve lived in Toronto for more than 40 years and I had only encountered raccoons at night… until last Saturday.

This raccoon was bold enough to show itself during the day.  Then an old woman (that would be me) just happened to walk by and so the raccoon stopped as if frozen in time.

Did someone say FREEZE?


Photos by mzrosie.