The Naked Lady in the Garden


One day while I was taking pictures of flowers in my neighborhood, I saw a beautiful lady standing naked in the garden.  She looked quite embarrassed and was trying to cover herself up with a flimsy little towel, but to no avail.  I apologized profusely for being in her garden and was about to leave when she asked for my name.  I told her mine and asked for hers. She said her name was Venus.  She was a Roman goddess.  Her husband’s name was Mars, the god of war, and they had a little boy named Cupid.

On my way home, I thought Venus was a little cuckoo.  A Roman goddess, my foot!  Next she would be telling me that her son Cupid can fly and somewhat expert in bow and arrow.  Yeah right!


Venus of the Sea Sculpture

cars, doors, woman statue, flowers, lanes 022 276x853-horz
Venus of the Sea, photo by mzrosie

This stunning sculpture of Venus of the Sea can be found not in a gallery, but in my neighborhood here in Toronto.  It is just standing there in front of a neighbor’s house.

red oldsmobile, duplex with naked statue 017
Venus of the sea-2, photo by mzrosie

I passed by this beautiful Venus sculpture every time I walked to the park.  But the other day, I saw that the owner had built a steel fence surrounding his property… I guess to prevent passersby like me from taking pictures.  Nah!  I think they did it to prevent people from touching their statue.  I swear, I didn’t touch their statue.  I only took photos.  But I was tempted.