Where do butterflies come from? – A Poem

butterfly white

Where do butterflies come from
A little girl wanted to know
Butterflies come from God
Said her sister with a nod
Ah, said the little girl in awe
They are angels waiting to grow.

© 2016 mzrosie

Photo by mzrosie.


Why Did You Dump Me? – A Poem

why did you dump me - a poem
Discarded Teddy Bear, photo by mzrosie

I was not the one who hurt you
who left you for someone new.
I was not the one who broke your heart
who said he wanted a brand new start.

I remember the first time you saw me
hugged me tight and said you loved me.
I remember thinking “I love you too”
forever and ever if you only knew.

Then something happened that made you cry
Something was amiss I didn’t know why
I wanted so much to hug you and hold you tight
but you went to bed without saying goodnight.

This morning I woke up in a dumpster
What did I do? What was the matter?
Why did you dump me? I knew you were hurt
but I was not the one who broke your heart.


© 2014 mzrosie