Guardian Angel – Haiku Poem

Guardian Angel

She is always there
Protecting me from evil
My guardian angel.

© 2016 mzrosie

Do you believe in guardian angels?  I do.  Mine is right here.  Yours is right beside you.

Isn’t it supposed to be spring? – A Poem

Snowy Day in April, photo by mzrosie

Looking out the window
and what do I see?
A beautiful snowy winter day
But isn’t it supposed to be spring?
When flowers bloom
and robins sing?
When we put on rubber boots
and play in the pouring rain?
Mother Nature, what’s happening?
Don’t wanna be disrespecful
’cause ’tis a beautiful day after all
But calendar shows it is April
It is supposed to be spring.
Well, isn’t it?

© 2016 mzrosie

I took that picture this morning from my balcony.  Snow coming down in April.  It didn’t last long, for today anyway.  More snow in the forecast here in Toronto.  Lucky us!

Meet Razor – A Haiku Poem

Meet Razor, photo by mzrosie

Windless August night
Two shadows in the park
Meet Razor, the pig.

© 2016 mzrosie


I don’t remember the name of Razor’s owner although I had bumped into them more than once while I was walking my dog, Snuffles.  Snuffles was cool with Razor.  He probably thought Razor was just another dog, who kinda smelled funny.

Meet Razor, photo by mzrosie
Meet Razor, photo by mzrosie

Two Old Grouch – A Poem

Two Old Grouch

Two old grouch sitting on the porch
Soaking the sun, not a care in the world.

One had long curly hair
with a bushy mustache
The other almost bald
‘cept for one hair sticking out.

They both had flat noses
and their skin was brown
Wrinkled and scarred
for they had both been around.

Although brown on the outside,
inside they were black
For them this was normal,
they’re whole family’s like that.

They had worked really hard
All day long they were out
Rain or shine they tread on
Until they both fell apart.

Now they’re just two old grouch
Sitting on the porch.
Soaking the sun,
not a care in the world.

© 2016 mzrosie


My friends, meet the two old grouch.

Two Old Grouch

Two Old Grouch

Whoever created those old boots planters are very creative indeed.  Don’t you think so too?

Photos by mzrosie.


Where do butterflies come from? – A Poem

butterfly white

Where do butterflies come from
A little girl wanted to know
Butterflies come from God
Said her sister with a nod
Ah, said the little girl in awe
They are angels waiting to grow.

© 2016 mzrosie

Photo by mzrosie.

The Naked Lady in the Garden


One day while I was taking pictures of flowers in my neighborhood, I saw a beautiful lady standing naked in the garden.  She looked quite embarrassed and was trying to cover herself up with a flimsy little towel, but to no avail.  I apologized profusely for being in her garden and was about to leave when she asked for my name.  I told her mine and asked for hers. She said her name was Venus.  She was a Roman goddess.  Her husband’s name was Mars, the god of war, and they had a little boy named Cupid.

On my way home, I thought Venus was a little cuckoo.  A Roman goddess, my foot!  Next she would be telling me that her son Cupid can fly and somewhat expert in bow and arrow.  Yeah right!


Why Did You Dump Me? – A Poem

why did you dump me - a poem
Discarded Teddy Bear, photo by mzrosie

I was not the one who hurt you
who left you for someone new.
I was not the one who broke your heart
who said he wanted a brand new start.

I remember the first time you saw me
hugged me tight and said you loved me.
I remember thinking “I love you too”
forever and ever if you only knew.

Then something happened that made you cry
Something was amiss I didn’t know why
I wanted so much to hug you and hold you tight
but you went to bed without saying goodnight.

This morning I woke up in a dumpster
What did I do? What was the matter?
Why did you dump me? I knew you were hurt
but I was not the one who broke your heart.


© 2014 mzrosie