Here comes Santa!

I found this new photo of santa on Reddit. Holy macaroni! He’s gorgeous!

… but not jolly looking at all. I want the old santa back! Ho Ho Ho!

Gif – Pumpkin – Are you a good cat?

Pumpkin -3 Are You a Good Cat.gif

Pumpkin is my very chatty 4 year old Himalayan cat.  She demands attention and scratches my furniture when she doesn’t get it asap.  She doesn’t like to give hugs but tolerates my hugging her as long as they are only 3 Mississippi’s, 4 Mississippi’s tops.  But is Pumpkin a good cat?  Yes she it… says Pumpkin herself.

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Gif – mzrosie #16 – Multiple Photos to Gif

mzrosie #16 - 4 Photos turned into gif

I had done one photo gifs of flowers such as Flowers #1 – Greyscale FlashFlowers #2 – Negative to Normal, and Flowers #3 – Black In and Out, but had not created a gif out of multiple photos until now.  This gif was created from the four photos below using animation and a couple of filters.

Here are the starting photos that I turned into the above gif.

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Gif – Flowers #2 – Negative to Normal

flowers - negative.gif

Ohhh I’m so happy I’m able to take pictures again.  I love flowers and I don’t care if everyone else including their neighbors and their neighbors’ dog take pictures of flowers.  And now with my new hobby of creating gifs, I can do wonderful things using my own photos.

This lovely flower is a Clematis and I turned this shot into a gif using negative filter.


A Bengal Cat or a Marbled Tabby? – Photo Story

I saw this cat that looked like a Bengal cat, but I wasn’t sure.  It could be a marbled tabby cat… I couldn’t tell the difference.

So I did what every crazy cat lady would do, asked the cat.

Excuse me, Mr. Cat. Are you a Bengal or a marbled tabby?

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


Mr. Cat said “Don’t bother me. Go away.”

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


Then the cat got up and crossed the street.

I followed but he stopped and said “Stop following me!”

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


Of course I lied and said I wasn’t.. I was going the same way.

The cat went through a fenced in garden, but I could still see him.

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


Then the cat stopped. So I asked again.
“Are you a Bengal cat or just a marbled tabby.”

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


He just turned his head and didn’t answer. I think he felt insulted.

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


“Please,” I said, “I just need to know.”

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


The cat got up and said, “It’s time for my dinner. I’m going home.”

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


Then he stopped and said, “Please stop stalking me or I’ll tell my human you are trying to kidnap me.”


What a mean cat I thought…

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?

A Bengal Cat or Marbled Tabby?


I am still not sure if the mean cat was a Bengal or a marbled tabby.

… but I know where he lives.


What Happened to the Pigeons?

On my way to the bakery this afternoon, I saw a lot of pigeons perked on the power line wires.  I had never seen pigeons closely perched side by side before and I wondered what was going on.

I should have taken a quick shot… but I thought I should go quickly to the bakery and come back.  Bad move.  When I came back, most of the pigeons perched on the power line wires were gone.  Only a few left.

What happened to the pigeons?

What da heck happened?  Where did they go?

I found out that the pigeons were waiting for dinner.  A guy comes everyday at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and feeds the birds.  He said at first there were only four pigeons.  But they must have told a friend and the friend told its family and friends and now there are so many of them.

Guess what that guy had in the brown paper bag?

Toronto Chinatown Murals – Part #2

Here is another beautiful mural commissioned by the Chinatown BIA (Business Improvement Areas) located on Dundas St. East, just east of Spadina Avenue, in Toronto.

Toronto Chinatown Murals – Part 2

Toronto Chinatown Murals – Part 2

Toronto Chinatown Murals – Part 2


April is Daffodil Month in Canada

April is Daffodil Month in Canada

April is Daffodil Month, which is the Canadian Cancer Society ‘s national fundraising campaign for the fight against cancer.

The daffodil is a symbol of strength and courage in the fight against cancer.

In my Toronto neighbourhood, there is a patch of daffodils in our local park to remember those who passed because of cancer, to celebrate cancer survivors, and to give courage to those who are fighting cancer at present.

Cancer can be beaten.

Guardian Angel – Haiku Poem

Guardian Angel

She is always there
Protecting me from evil
My guardian angel.

© 2016 mzrosie

Do you believe in guardian angels?  I do.  Mine is right here.  Yours is right beside you.