What Happened to the Pigeons?

On my way to the bakery this afternoon, I saw a lot of pigeons perked on the power line wires.  I had never seen pigeons closely perched side by side before and I wondered what was going on.

I should have taken a quick shot… but I thought I should go quickly to the bakery and come back.  Bad move.  When I came back, most of the pigeons perched on the power line wires were gone.  Only a few left.

What happened to the pigeons?

What da heck happened?  Where did they go?

I found out that the pigeons were waiting for dinner.  A guy comes everyday at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and feeds the birds.  He said at first there were only four pigeons.  But they must have told a friend and the friend told its family and friends and now there are so many of them.

Guess what that guy had in the brown paper bag?

April is Daffodil Month in Canada

April is Daffodil Month in Canada

April is Daffodil Month, which is the Canadian Cancer Society ‘s national fundraising campaign for the fight against cancer.

The daffodil is a symbol of strength and courage in the fight against cancer.

In my Toronto neighbourhood, there is a patch of daffodils in our local park to remember those who passed because of cancer, to celebrate cancer survivors, and to give courage to those who are fighting cancer at present.

Cancer can be beaten.

Guardian Angel – Haiku Poem

Guardian Angel

She is always there
Protecting me from evil
My guardian angel.

© 2016 mzrosie

Do you believe in guardian angels?  I do.  Mine is right here.  Yours is right beside you.

Fiery Sky

Fiery Sky – Toronto, April 12, 2016

We seldom see fiery sky here in Toronto.  So, imagine how excited I was to see this on my way home yesterday.  Dusk could not have been more beautiful… to me.


Isn’t it supposed to be spring? – A Poem

Snowy Day in April, photo by mzrosie

Looking out the window
and what do I see?
A beautiful snowy winter day
But isn’t it supposed to be spring?
When flowers bloom
and robins sing?
When we put on rubber boots
and play in the pouring rain?
Mother Nature, what’s happening?
Don’t wanna be disrespecful
’cause ’tis a beautiful day after all
But calendar shows it is April
It is supposed to be spring.
Well, isn’t it?

© 2016 mzrosie

I took that picture this morning from my balcony.  Snow coming down in April.  It didn’t last long, for today anyway.  More snow in the forecast here in Toronto.  Lucky us!

April Snow – A Haiku Poem

April Snow, photo by mzrosie

Crocus are blooming
Other spring bulbs poking up
Despite April snow.

© 2016 mzrosie


Well, it’s official.  Winter is not yet over here in Toronto.  Forecast is that more snow is coming our way.   Here are a few pictures I shot today around my neighborhood.

Ed Mirvish Theatre got Photobombed

Ed Mirvish Theatre, photo by mzrosie

A white suburban car photobombed my only shot of the Ed Mirvish Theatre, which is located in downtown Toronto.   It was noon, so traffic was heavy but I thought I got a clear shot.

Oh well.


If you didn’t get your Easter Eggs today…

Nearsighted Easter Bunnies, photo by mzrosie

… blame it on these nearsighted Easter bunnies.

I saw these cute Easter bunnies in the window display of an optometrist in my neighborhood here in Toronto.  So cute, don’t you think?

Below is our local community center displaying children’s lovely coloring arts.

Easter children’s art, photo by mzrosie

And below is an Easter egg plant in full bloom from one of my neighbors garden.  Where did you think the Easter Bunny got those colorful eggs?

Easter eggs, photo by mzrosie

Happy Easter everyone!


Winter is Back in Toronto

Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie

It never really left.  It was just hiding around the corner and, as soon as we put away our winter clothes, it came back with an evil grin.  Toronto had ice pellets that turned into freezing rain overnight and everything was covered with ice today.  It was really pretty to look at.  Definitely not for walking or driving though.  But hey, this is Canada.  We live in igloos.

Here are some pictures I took today on my way to the bakery:

Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie


Meet Colin – Artist at Work

Meet Colin – Artist at Work, photo by mzrosie

This is Colin.  Colin is a spray paint artist, who has been working to eradicate graffiti in my neighborhood here in Toronto.   Colin was creating this mural on a detached double car garage last summer.  … that’s why he was shirtless, it was summer.   Just so you know.

Spray Paint Art by Colin, photo by mzrosie
Spray Paint Art by Colin, photo by mzrosie