Gif – Pumpkin – Are you a good cat?

Pumpkin -3 Are You a Good Cat.gif

Pumpkin is my very chatty 4 year old Himalayan cat.  She demands attention and scratches my furniture when she doesn’t get it asap.  She doesn’t like to give hugs but tolerates my hugging her as long as they are only 3 Mississippi’s, 4 Mississippi’s tops.  But is Pumpkin a good cat?  Yes she it… says Pumpkin herself.

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Gif – mzrosie #16 – Multiple Photos to Gif

mzrosie #16 - 4 Photos turned into gif

I had done one photo gifs of flowers such as Flowers #1 – Greyscale FlashFlowers #2 – Negative to Normal, and Flowers #3 – Black In and Out, but had not created a gif out of multiple photos until now.  This gif was created from the four photos below using animation and a couple of filters.

Here are the starting photos that I turned into the above gif.

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Gif – mzrosie #15 – using Giphy


I created a gif using Giphy.  OMG Giphy is another level.  I could add emojis, stickers, all fun kinds of captions and effects.  Now, this is really me.  I look really friendly but my friends in the forums will tell you that I could be your worst nightmare.  lol

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Gif – Flowers #4 – Using 3D Transitions

If you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you do…. creating gifs that is.  I am having so much fun learning this new hobby of mine.  The above gif was created using 3D shatter transition and the one below I used 3D curl transition. (1)

I know I still have a lot to learn and that is the fun part.  I love learning new things everyday…. well, maybe not everyday…. I’m a little lazy.


Gif – Flowers #2 – Negative to Normal

flowers - negative.gif

Ohhh I’m so happy I’m able to take pictures again.  I love flowers and I don’t care if everyone else including their neighbors and their neighbors’ dog take pictures of flowers.  And now with my new hobby of creating gifs, I can do wonderful things using my own photos.

This lovely flower is a Clematis and I turned this shot into a gif using negative filter.


Gif – Flowers #1 – Greyscale Flash

flowers - greyscale flash.gif

I dropped my digital camera a couple of months ago and the repairman said it could not be fixed.  Bummer!  I wanted to wait until Boxing Day to get a good deal but I really missed taking photos when I go walking around my neighborhood.  So on my way home the other day, I dropped in at Best Buy and got myself a tiny Sony Cybershot DSC-W800 for a little over a hundred dollars, really cheap.

Yesterday, I went out taking pictures and this flower shot I created into a gif.


Gif – mzrosie #11 – Wink

mzrosie #12 - Wink

A lovely smile with a flirty wink could be the beginning of a new relationship.  So I thought if I practice smiling and winking, I could possibly get meself a man.  I have been a widow for almost ten years now.  But I believe I still got another soul mate out there, possibly just lost.  I created this gif to catch him.  What do you think?  Need more practice huh?


Gif – mzrosie #9 – Straight Punch

mzrosie #9 - Straight Punch

A friend said that I was being sadistic to him in the forums, like pushing him off the cliff and telling him to go fly a kite during a thunderstorm.  I sent him a note apologizing saying I was not a sadistic person, very mean but never sadistic.  He replied saying everything was cool and posted in the forums “Shut up and hurt me”.

So I created this gif and posted, “ok you asked for it”.