Tomatoes on the Street

I found these pretty red tomatoes on the street. Here in my Toronto neighborhood, the residents usually leave on the street anything they don’t need anymore. Things that they think a neighbor might want or need. Like, old furniture, clothes and shoes (usually clothes that their kids had outgrown), toys, pots and pans, dishes, etc. But tomatoes? This was the first.

Now, I was thinking, which I try not to make a habit of, that if a neighbor wanted to give away their tomatoes, they would certainly not leave them on the hot concrete pavement now, would they? They would leave them in a paper or plastic bag or… in a basket. Perhaps in a pretty basket. Aha! Someone could have taken the pretty basket and left the tomatoes on the street. That could be it.

… but… but who the heck would do that?


Two Old Grouch – A Poem

Two Old Grouch

Two old grouch sitting on the porch
Soaking the sun, not a care in the world.

One had long curly hair
with a bushy mustache
The other almost bald
‘cept for one hair sticking out.

They both had flat noses
and their skin was brown
Wrinkled and scarred
for they had both been around.

Although brown on the outside,
inside they were black
For them this was normal,
they’re whole family’s like that.

They had worked really hard
All day long they were out
Rain or shine they tread on
Until they both fell apart.

Now they’re just two old grouch
Sitting on the porch.
Soaking the sun,
not a care in the world.

© 2016 mzrosie


My friends, meet the two old grouch.

Two Old Grouch

Two Old Grouch

Whoever created those old boots planters are very creative indeed.  Don’t you think so too?

Photos by mzrosie.


The Naked Lady in the Garden


One day while I was taking pictures of flowers in my neighborhood, I saw a beautiful lady standing naked in the garden.  She looked quite embarrassed and was trying to cover herself up with a flimsy little towel, but to no avail.  I apologized profusely for being in her garden and was about to leave when she asked for my name.  I told her mine and asked for hers. She said her name was Venus.  She was a Roman goddess.  Her husband’s name was Mars, the god of war, and they had a little boy named Cupid.

On my way home, I thought Venus was a little cuckoo.  A Roman goddess, my foot!  Next she would be telling me that her son Cupid can fly and somewhat expert in bow and arrow.  Yeah right!


Meet The Brickman

The Brickman
The Brickman, photo by mzrosie

The Brickman stands tall (really tall) on the Jarvis St. side of the Vu condominium complex in downtown Toronto.

Some people said it was “hideous,” “awful,” “ridiculous”, “a joke” and a young woman heading into the condominium was even overhead saying: “Isn’t that the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen?”

Well, I think it is a tad plain but I don’t think it is ugly.  But I burst out laughing when I found out that the name of this tall sculpture was The Brickman.   I imagined it went like this …

Well, it looks like it’s made of brick and seems to be a man… so let’s call it The Brickman… and everyone said “Cool.”   And they all lived happily ever after.

Gotham City got Batman.  The city of Toronto got The Brickman. Who says life is fair?


Our Neighborhood Turtles

Our Neighborhood Turtles, photo by mzrosie

Our Toronto neighborhood turtles were basking in the sun today. These four turtles are brothers and for teenagers, they are rather friendly and chatty.  They told me that their names were Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello.   They were raised by a Japanese rat named Sprinter and, secretly, they were crime fighting ninjas.

What I find odd is that these turtles love pizza.  Shouldn’t turtles be eating insects?

Oh yeah, they kept saying “Cowabunga!”  Weird, isn’t it?

A Perplexed Planter

A Perplexed Planter, photo by mzrosie

Wouldn’t you just hate it when you woke up one morning and your brain was missing?  Well, it happened to this planter.  He kept asking the passersby, including me, what happened to his brain.  Nobody knew.  I said, “At least, there are pretty blue flowers growing on your head.” He almost had a heart attack.  Good thing  he didn’t have a heart, so he was all right.

Poor planter.  He looked really perplexed.  You would be too if that happened to you.

The Praying Squirrel

dragonfly, flowers, Tibetan Mastif 061
The Praying Squirrel, photo by mzrosie

The squirrel prayed, “Dear Lord, I hate to bother you, but this is very important.  I know You know who took a bite off my pine cone.  This pine cone is very special to me, dear Lord.  It was a gift to me from my beloved mama before she passed on to squirrel heaven.   So please, dear Lord, let me know who the culprit was.  Was it my brother Kyle or my brother John?”

The Lord replied, “I’m sorry but I cannot tell you.  You and your brothers are equally precious to Me.  But I can assure you, it was not your brother Kyle.”

Me and my Pony

big flowers, iris, cats, garden ornaments, trees 047
Me and my Pony, photo by mzrosie

Out of the hundreds, even thousands, of places to hung out in the neighborhood, this cat chose to hung out with this old wooden pony.  Perhaps the cat thought the pony was lonely, being all alone day in day out on that fire escape so he was keeping it company.  Or, perhaps the cat just liked the view from up there, beside the pony.  Wouldn’t you like to know?  I did.  So, I asked.

At first, the cat was bewildered. He was probably even a little annoyed why this crazy old Chinese woman was talking to him. Of course, I’m not Chinese, but that’s beside the point. But I just stood there and waited. So, finally the cat said, “Me and my pony are waiting for our Uber ride. Is that a problem?”

Oh no. Of course not.


Mysterious Light Beam at Dusk

Jet Plane
Mysterious Light Beam at Dusk, photo by mzrosie

It happened at dusk.  The mysterious light beam appeared.  It was like Captain Kirk just said “Beam me up, Scotty” and he went shooting up towards the Starship Enterprise.   It was a slow ascent (The Enterprise was an old spacecraft after all) so I was able to take a shot.  You don’t believe me, do you?

What if I told you that I just witnessed an alien abduction.  Those stories are true, you know.

Ok, it was a jet plane shooting straight up in the sky?  Yeah, that was it… I think.