Can you see it? #2

Can you see it #2 - dragonfly

I saw this beautiful orange rose inside a fenced in neighbor’s garden.  I couldn’t get a good shot from the sidewalk.  The gate was closed but not locked.  How did I know?  Well, I tried it, of course.  I looked around.. no one seemed to notice me.  So, I quickly open the gate.  Slowly walked towards the rose.. why slowly?  Because I saw something.  I took a quick shot then hurriedly got out of there.

What did I see?  Can you see it?






Answer:  A dragonfly

Can you see it #2 - dragonfly-1






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A Perplexed Planter

A Perplexed Planter, photo by mzrosie

Wouldn’t you just hate it when you woke up one morning and your brain was missing?  Well, it happened to this planter.  He kept asking the passersby, including me, what happened to his brain.  Nobody knew.  I said, “At least, there are pretty blue flowers growing on your head.” He almost had a heart attack.  Good thing  he didn’t have a heart, so he was all right.

Poor planter.  He looked really perplexed.  You would be too if that happened to you.

A Shasta Daisy…. and a fly

Shasta Daisy and a fly, photo by mzrosie

I love flowers.  So, although I already have hundreds of pictures of daisies, I couldn’t help but stop and take a quick shot of this pretty shasta daisy.   There were only a few in full bloom at the time, most were still buds.  I focused on this one.  As soon as I pressed the shutter button, a fly landed on the daisy.. just enough time to be in the picture and just went on its merry way.

So there you go.  Now I got a photo of a shasta daisy and a fly.

And, I’m blogging about it.  I should really get a fly… I mean a life.

Red Flowers created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Red Flowers created with Microsoft Fresh Paint by mzrosie

I just discovered Microsoft Fresh Paint.  Hallelujah!  It is even better than Microsoft Paint.  It’s like real life painting experience.  So realistic.   The paint in Fresh Paint actually felt like I had a palette and easel in front of me.  I could blend and mix colors to get specific shades I chose and the app has lots of editing options.

The Red Flowers is my first try.  I still have a lot to learn.  And learn I will.. you’ll see.


Purple Tulip using Microsoft Paint

Purple tulip - 1
Purple Tulip using Microsoft Paint by mzrosie

It is a tulip!  It is a purple tulip.  I love tulips and, in my opinion, a tulip is the easiest flower to draw using Microsoft Paint.  I really believe I am getting better, don’t you think?

You are probably wondering by now, why on earth would I be doing art when obviously I am not an artist?  Well, I am a wanna-be-artist, ok?  But I don’t want to spend money buying paints, pencils, canvasses and whatnots, and then one day, just put them away with all my other projects that are hidden in my closet.  Stay away from that closet!  Don’t even think about it.

Well, don’t you think my purple tulip is pretty?  It is so.

Flowers better than …

cherry blossoms, flowers, street, dogs, cat, blue VW 004
Apple blossoms by mzrosie

I love flowers.  I think all flowers are beautiful.  Flowers make us happy when we are sad, make us smile when we don’t feel like smiling, brighten our day when it is cloudy and gray, make us feel better when we are feeling blue, bring joy to our heart and soul.  No wonder we love receiving flowers and giving them to someone we love and care.

Are flowers better than chocolates?  You bet!  Flowers don’t have calories.  Better than sex? …. hmmm…. maybe not.  But if you’re single like me…  I say, close enough.