Townhouses – Digital Art using Photo Editors

Townhouses borders
Townhouses – Digital Art, by mzrosie

This digital art was created using free online photo editors.  I wanted to call it “Townhouses in a quiet neighborhood with trees in the background on a slightly cloudy day.”  But, I thought it was a tad too long.  So, I called it “Townhouses” instead.


Photo Editor – My New BFF

St. Pete Florida - 2 with border
St. Pete Florida – EDITED, photo by mzrosie

Photography is such a fulfilling hobby for me.  Although I don’t travel much these days, I love walking around my neighborhood taking pictures.  I don’t care if I don’t have a big professional camera… those are expensive and I can’t afford them.  My little Nikon Coolpix digital is good enough for me.  It takes amazing pictures and it is simple for anyone to use.

But there are a few times… ok, many times… that pictures just don’t come out right.  That’s why my new BFF is my photo editor.  I use PhotoScape, which is free and so easy to use.  There are a number of free online photo editors and they are all good.  You can have your pick.

See the photo above with borders?  Doesn’t it look like a painting?  Thanks to my new BFF, it does.  The picture below is the original one, taken in St. Pete, Florida at dusk.

St. Pete Florida -1
St. Pete Florida, photo by mzrosie


Cherry using Microsoft Fresh Paint

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Cherry created with Microsoft Fresh Paint by mzrosie

Cherry is my third painting using Microsoft Fresh Paint.  I used a little photo editing with the help of Photoscape to create the shadow effect.  It took me three days to do this as it was difficult for me (as a wanna-be painter) to create the 2-D effect.  It was more difficult than I thought, specially since I am just using the mouse for my brush.

I have ordered a Sensu Brush and Stylus from Amazon.  It cost CDN$61.11 (cost plus delivery).   That’s a lot of money for a brush.  It better be worth it.

Landscape using Microsoft Fresh Paint

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint by mzrosie

The is my second painting created with Microsoft Paint.  I was going to call it A Tree because there is only one tree, but Landscape seems more fitting.  It is so simple; it actually looks nice.  Maybe you don’t think so.. but for me, it is a masterpiece.  lol


Red Flowers created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Red Flowers created with Microsoft Fresh Paint by mzrosie

I just discovered Microsoft Fresh Paint.  Hallelujah!  It is even better than Microsoft Paint.  It’s like real life painting experience.  So realistic.   The paint in Fresh Paint actually felt like I had a palette and easel in front of me.  I could blend and mix colors to get specific shades I chose and the app has lots of editing options.

The Red Flowers is my first try.  I still have a lot to learn.  And learn I will.. you’ll see.


Purple Tulip using Microsoft Paint

Purple tulip - 1
Purple Tulip using Microsoft Paint by mzrosie

It is a tulip!  It is a purple tulip.  I love tulips and, in my opinion, a tulip is the easiest flower to draw using Microsoft Paint.  I really believe I am getting better, don’t you think?

You are probably wondering by now, why on earth would I be doing art when obviously I am not an artist?  Well, I am a wanna-be-artist, ok?  But I don’t want to spend money buying paints, pencils, canvasses and whatnots, and then one day, just put them away with all my other projects that are hidden in my closet.  Stay away from that closet!  Don’t even think about it.

Well, don’t you think my purple tulip is pretty?  It is so.

Me Using Microsoft Paint

Me using Microsoft Paint by mzrosie

It was so tempting to do a drawing of myself as mzrosie… so I indulged my vanity.  I think I did a good job.. don’t you think?  That was how I look when I was thinner and younger.. ok much younger.. much much younger.   Other than that, I captured my love for life, the building where I live, the trees in the park, and my little flat nose.

Not bad for a second project using Microsoft Paint, if I may say so myself.

Ninja Turtle using Microsoft Paint

Ninja Turtle
Ninja Turtle using Microsoft Paint by mzrosie

I’m so excited.  I just finished my first masterpiece “Ninja Turtle” using Microsoft Paint.  It may look like a kindergarten kid’s art (please kids, don’t take this as an insult) but I am very proud of it.  The cool background is courtesy of a free online photo editor.