Meet Colin – Artist at Work

Meet Colin – Artist at Work, photo by mzrosie

This is Colin.  Colin is a spray paint artist, who has been working to eradicate graffiti in my neighborhood here in Toronto.   Colin was creating this mural on a detached double car garage last summer.  … that’s why he was shirtless, it was summer.   Just so you know.

Spray Paint Art by Colin, photo by mzrosie
Spray Paint Art by Colin, photo by mzrosie



Meet Damian – Artist at Work


Damian is a dancer practicing balance control on a not-so-tight rope in our local park here in Toronto.  He lives in our neighborhood.

According to Damian, good balance and a strong core go hand in hand, and a strong core usually means better posture, less back pain and improved performance.

It was springtime weather here in Toronto so, I watched him practice for a while hoping that he would remove his jacket at some point.  Why?  So I could show you his six-pack, that’s why.  Well, he didn’t.  But isn’t he a cutie?




Photos by mzrosie.


Artist At Work – Street Chalk Artist

Artist at work - Street Chalk Artist
Artist at Work – Street Chalk Artist, photo by mzrosie

Last summer, there was an abundance of street artists here in Toronto.  This young woman was a street chalk artist, busily creating Ariel, the main character in Disney’s 1989 movie “The Little Mermaid.”  She was working very slowly making sure the colors were perfect.  I was mesmerized. It was just so amazing how she mixed colors using a limited number of chalks.  I just had to take pictures of this very talented girl.

But by then, a professional-looking photographer got in the picture and started shooting this way and that way using his obviously expensive camera.  I waited until he finished but this showoff would not move out of the way.  As I had to leave shortly, I didn’t have a choice but take pictures of the street chalk artist and her creation with the darn photographer also in action.

I guess in this case, size mattered.  You know, the bigger the better.  Camera… I was talking about camera.