Gif – Flowers #2 – Negative to Normal

flowers - negative.gif

Ohhh I’m so happy I’m able to take pictures again.  I love flowers and I don’t care if everyone else including their neighbors and their neighbors’ dog take pictures of flowers.  And now with my new hobby of creating gifs, I can do wonderful things using my own photos.

This lovely flower is a Clematis and I turned this shot into a gif using negative filter.


Meet Colin – Artist at Work

Meet Colin – Artist at Work, photo by mzrosie

This is Colin.  Colin is a spray paint artist, who has been working to eradicate graffiti in my neighborhood here in Toronto.   Colin was creating this mural on a detached double car garage last summer.  … that’s why he was shirtless, it was summer.   Just so you know.

Spray Paint Art by Colin, photo by mzrosie
Spray Paint Art by Colin, photo by mzrosie



Townhouses – Digital Art using Photo Editors

Townhouses borders
Townhouses – Digital Art, by mzrosie

This digital art was created using free online photo editors.  I wanted to call it “Townhouses in a quiet neighborhood with trees in the background on a slightly cloudy day.”  But, I thought it was a tad too long.  So, I called it “Townhouses” instead.