Gif – mzrosie #11 – Wink

mzrosie #12 - Wink

A lovely smile with a flirty wink could be the beginning of a new relationship.  So I thought if I practice smiling and winking, I could possibly get meself a man.  I have been a widow for almost ten years now.  But I believe I still got another soul mate out there, possibly just lost.  I created this gif to catch him.  What do you think?  Need more practice huh?


Gif – mzrosie #9 – Straight Punch

mzrosie #9 - Straight Punch

A friend said that I was being sadistic to him in the forums, like pushing him off the cliff and telling him to go fly a kite during a thunderstorm.  I sent him a note apologizing saying I was not a sadistic person, very mean but never sadistic.  He replied saying everything was cool and posted in the forums “Shut up and hurt me”.

So I created this gif and posted, “ok you asked for it”.

Gif – mzrosie #6 – I think it’s bullshit

mzrosie #6 - I say that's bullshit

Many times I see people in the forums that seem to be very smart or just pretentious people who are full of crap.  I am not smart, so I just observe most of the time.  But there are times that even I who is the dullest knife in the drawer think… uh uh I think it’s bullshit.  So I created a gif to express  what I think without getting shot.  hahahahaha