Gif – Friends #3 – A Friend to All is…

Friends #3 - A friend to all is a friend to none

“A friend to all is a friend to none.”

~ Aristotle ~

Some people have lots of friends.  I don’t.  Does that mean I am a lesser person than those people who make friends so easily and therefore have lots of friends?  Absolutely not!  Life is not Facebook after all, and thank goodness for that.



Gif – Friends #2 – F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Friends - 2

I just found the real meaning of friends…


I’m sad because I don’t always do those things for my friends.  And there are times that I feel that my friends are not there for me.  So I guess, we deserve each other.  Nobody is perfect after all, including me and my friends.


Gif – Friends #1 – Good Friends

Friends - 1

Sometimes we take friends for granted.  I know I do sometimes.  I am not a friend who phones or emails you everyday, texts you often, or even think about you all the time.  I am that friend who never forgets your birthday, just to let you know you are getting older.

I love you, my friends.


Gif – mzrosie #16 – Multiple Photos to Gif

mzrosie #16 - 4 Photos turned into gif

I had done one photo gifs of flowers such as Flowers #1 – Greyscale FlashFlowers #2 – Negative to Normal, and Flowers #3 – Black In and Out, but had not created a gif out of multiple photos until now.  This gif was created from the four photos below using animation and a couple of filters.

Here are the starting photos that I turned into the above gif.

Gif – Flowers #4 – Using 3D Transitions

If you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you do…. creating gifs that is.  I am having so much fun learning this new hobby of mine.  The above gif was created using 3D shatter transition and the one below I used 3D curl transition. (1)

I know I still have a lot to learn and that is the fun part.  I love learning new things everyday…. well, maybe not everyday…. I’m a little lazy.


Gif – Flowers #2 – Negative to Normal

flowers - negative.gif

Ohhh I’m so happy I’m able to take pictures again.  I love flowers and I don’t care if everyone else including their neighbors and their neighbors’ dog take pictures of flowers.  And now with my new hobby of creating gifs, I can do wonderful things using my own photos.

This lovely flower is a Clematis and I turned this shot into a gif using negative filter.


Gif – Flowers #1 – Greyscale Flash

flowers - greyscale flash.gif

I dropped my digital camera a couple of months ago and the repairman said it could not be fixed.  Bummer!  I wanted to wait until Boxing Day to get a good deal but I really missed taking photos when I go walking around my neighborhood.  So on my way home the other day, I dropped in at Best Buy and got myself a tiny Sony Cybershot DSC-W800 for a little over a hundred dollars, really cheap.

Yesterday, I went out taking pictures and this flower shot I created into a gif.