DSCN3924 cropped brandicootA few years ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was.  Three years after my husband died, I thought I should try chatting online to meet new people.  So I joined a dating site which had chat and blog sections.  Well, it turned out that I was better in writing blogs than in chatting… and in finding a mate.  Still looking.

Then I found out that I can write online and get paid for doing so. Eh, who knew?  I wrote on Hubpages for a couple of years but then the big G decided to change the rules and it was not worth it anymore.  Then Bubblews (now defunct) came along.  It was like Facebook, only you got paid for writing short journals, most of the time anyway.

Me using Microsoft Paint by mzrosie

So now, here I am.  I write as mzrosie, but everyone calls me Rosie.  “Miss” is for single young women.  “Mrs” is for married ones.  “Ms” is for single women who are not too-young-anymore.  None of those titles describe who I am.  “Mz” (pronounced Mizz), for me, means someone who missed the bus, or missed the train.  Someone who is a little quirky, perhaps even odd at times.  Someone with a weird sense of humor, and one cat short of being a crazy cat lady. lol  Ok, I only have one cat… so far.

Toronto, my city
misc, cat, yellow porsche 027
Cats in my neighborhood, photo by mzrosie

I love walking around my neighborhood here in Toronto, and take pictures.  Having photography as a hobby makes me notice and admire things that some people might see ordinary or might not notice at all.

My favorite things to photograph are flowers and cats.  I live in an old part of Toronto where there are stunning flower gardens and lots of live-out friendly cats… well, mostly friendly anyway.


Red Flowers using Microsoft Fresh Paint by mzrosie

Presently, I have a new passion.. painting using Microsoft Paint and Fresh Paint.  I have just started and not good at it yet.  But I just bought an expensive Sensi brush and stylus so I am supposedly guaranteed to be better… better than this anyway. lol  >>>>>

I have so much to share with you… stories mostly from my imagination and pictures galore.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



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