Love or Lust – a short poem

love or lust by mzrosie

Can lust be love I wonder
Our bodies intertwine together
Souls unite, heartbeats flutter
Lust or love, does it really matter?


© 2015 mzrosie


Can you see it? #2

Can you see it #2 - dragonfly

I saw this beautiful orange rose inside a fenced in neighbor’s garden.  I couldn’t get a good shot from the sidewalk.  The gate was closed but not locked.  How did I know?  Well, I tried it, of course.  I looked around.. no one seemed to notice me.  So, I quickly open the gate.  Slowly walked towards the rose.. why slowly?  Because I saw something.  I took a quick shot then hurriedly got out of there.

What did I see?  Can you see it?






Answer:  A dragonfly

Can you see it #2 - dragonfly-1






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