Photo Editor – My New BFF

St. Pete Florida - 2 with border
St. Pete Florida – EDITED, photo by mzrosie

Photography is such a fulfilling hobby for me.  Although I don’t travel much these days, I love walking around my neighborhood taking pictures.  I don’t care if I don’t have a big professional camera… those are expensive and I can’t afford them.  My little Nikon Coolpix digital is good enough for me.  It takes amazing pictures and it is simple for anyone to use.

But there are a few times… ok, many times… that pictures just don’t come out right.  That’s why my new BFF is my photo editor.  I use PhotoScape, which is free and so easy to use.  There are a number of free online photo editors and they are all good.  You can have your pick.

See the photo above with borders?  Doesn’t it look like a painting?  Thanks to my new BFF, it does.  The picture below is the original one, taken in St. Pete, Florida at dusk.

St. Pete Florida -1
St. Pete Florida, photo by mzrosie



4 thoughts on “Photo Editor – My New BFF

  1. Your photos are lovely and very interesting. I have a good camera that my husband got me as a present a few Christmas’s ago, but quite often I won’t take it out as I’m scared of losing it or it’s too bulky to carry, so I take just as many photos with my trusty phone.


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