Meet Razor – A Haiku Poem

Meet Razor, photo by mzrosie

Windless August night
Two shadows in the park
Meet Razor, the pig.

© 2016 mzrosie


I don’t remember the name of Razor’s owner although I had bumped into them more than once while I was walking my dog, Snuffles.  Snuffles was cool with Razor.  He probably thought Razor was just another dog, who kinda smelled funny.

Meet Razor, photo by mzrosie
Meet Razor, photo by mzrosie

Midas Touch – A Haiku Poem

Midas Touch, photo by mzrosie

Blazing rays of sun

Burned my skin and torched my soul

Beware of Midas touch.


© mzrosie 2016


I turned this concrete gray wall with yellow pipes into gold.  I’m rich!

Midas Touch, photo by mzrosie


If you didn’t get your Easter Eggs today…

Nearsighted Easter Bunnies, photo by mzrosie

… blame it on these nearsighted Easter bunnies.

I saw these cute Easter bunnies in the window display of an optometrist in my neighborhood here in Toronto.  So cute, don’t you think?

Below is our local community center displaying children’s lovely coloring arts.

Easter children’s art, photo by mzrosie

And below is an Easter egg plant in full bloom from one of my neighbors garden.  Where did you think the Easter Bunny got those colorful eggs?

Easter eggs, photo by mzrosie

Happy Easter everyone!


Winter is Back in Toronto

Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie

It never really left.  It was just hiding around the corner and, as soon as we put away our winter clothes, it came back with an evil grin.  Toronto had ice pellets that turned into freezing rain overnight and everything was covered with ice today.  It was really pretty to look at.  Definitely not for walking or driving though.  But hey, this is Canada.  We live in igloos.

Here are some pictures I took today on my way to the bakery:

Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie
Winter is Back in Toronto, photo by mzrosie


Meet Colin – Artist at Work

Meet Colin – Artist at Work, photo by mzrosie

This is Colin.  Colin is a spray paint artist, who has been working to eradicate graffiti in my neighborhood here in Toronto.   Colin was creating this mural on a detached double car garage last summer.  … that’s why he was shirtless, it was summer.   Just so you know.

Spray Paint Art by Colin, photo by mzrosie
Spray Paint Art by Colin, photo by mzrosie



Crocus Flowers – Sure Sign of Spring

Crocus and a Bee – My Precious, photo by mzrosie

Crocus flowers are a sure sign that spring has sprung.  Crocuses are definitely the first flowers to welcome spring.  At times, they push themselves out through snow as if saying to Mother Nature “Still winter?  What da?”

The lavender crocus picture above with a bee so engrossed in doing what he does best, I call “My Precious” as in a memorable quote from the 2002 film The Lord of the Rings.

This photo of striped single crocus below, I call “The Loner.”

Crocus – The Loner, photo by mzrosie

This photo of two lavender crocus looks so romantic, so I called it “The Lovers.

Crocus – The Lovers, photo by mzrosie

The photo below of purple, yellow and white crocuses represent a group of friends, so I called them “The Group.”

Crocus – The Group, photo by mzrosie

The photo below of yellow crocuses, I called “Yellow Crocus,” for lack of imagination.

Yellow Crocus, photo by mzrosie

And the photo below, I called “Lavender Crocus.”  For obvious reasons.

Lavender Crocus, photo by mzrosie

And, the last photo below is a bunch of purple crocus with a bee digging deep.  So, what do you think should I call it?  Purple crocus with a bee?  Ok, cool!

Purple Crocus and a bee, photo by mzrosie

More crocus photos…

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Townhouses – Digital Art using Photo Editors

Townhouses borders
Townhouses – Digital Art, by mzrosie

This digital art was created using free online photo editors.  I wanted to call it “Townhouses in a quiet neighborhood with trees in the background on a slightly cloudy day.”  But, I thought it was a tad too long.  So, I called it “Townhouses” instead.


Can you see it? #4 – A Robin and a…

This American robin was extra cheerful this morning.  And why not?  Spring is almost here.  Can you see the robin perched up on the tree?   No?  Ok, here’s another picture to assure you that the robin was up on the tree.  Do you see it now?  Good.

Now, back to the first picture.  There is something else on the tree aside from the robin.

Can you see it?  What is it?





Answer:  A black squirrel








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A Ferret for a pet, anyone?


Did you know that in the United States, ferrets are the third most popular house pets, next to dogs and cats?  Well, I didn’t know that, did you?

Here in Canada, we don’t have such a study and since most ferrets are kept indoors, I really have no idea.  I had seen a couple of ferrets playing in the park and, that ferret that the owner was proudly walking on a leash in downtown Toronto recently.  But that’s it.

Ferrets, I just learned, are very playful animals.  They are hyper… I mean, they are full of spirit.  They explode out of their cages at play time, leaping and twisting and scampering, with an obvious joy that to the people observing them find totally enchanting.   They open their mouth and hiss (like in the picture) when they are being playful and when bouncing around and so, some people might think they are being attacked.  But this is not so.  Ferrets are friendly little animals, very affectionate to their owners and, they are wonderful pets.

So, who wants a ferret for a pet?

Oh I just want to add that ferrets are not rodents.  They are members of the weasel family.   I don’t know if that is good or bad… to the ferrets.

Please note that the ferret in the picture was not at any time being hurt.  The “Help!” word on the picture is a joke, ok?  I have a weird sense of humor.