The Forgotten Sculpture

DSCN4409 Forgotten Sculpture
The Forgotten Sculpture, photo by mzrosie

It was on a side of an old house that was turned into multiple apartments in my neighborhood here in Toronto.  I almost missed it because it was rather small and covered with dirt.  The concrete sculpture was about three feet wide and two feet tall showing a cute duckling and an even cuter teddy bear.  And, of course, I said “Aww, how cute!”

The sculptor must have created this for his or her kids.  Or, he or she just loved ducklings and teddy bears.  I would never know.  The sculptor could be long gone by now.  And, the children had sold the old house and moved on.  But the poor little sculpture was left behind… and forgotten.

So, I took a picture and named it “The Forgotten Sculpture.”

Pass the tissue please.  sob sob sob


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